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July 21, 2017
"Remember for Me: Life Lessons from Those Living with Dementia"

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Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly, founder and executive director of Veranda Ministries, has released a book of heartwarming stories about living with dementia. She introduces readers to some members of The Veranda family and shares many lessons from her long career of serving the senior adult population.

“We can all learn from people experiencing brain changes if we listen to their hearts,” Sutherly said. “The stories celebrate these individuals—learning a little about who they were years ago and discovering who they are today.

“I hope the book helps families understand that we have to go into their loved one’s current world and meet them where they are, because they can no longer come into ours,” Sutherly said. “The dementia journey is by no means an easy one, but it’s ok to laugh, have fun and find ways to enjoy this season of their loved ones’ life. This time can be one that provides opportunities for families to grow stronger in their relationships with each other and the Lord.”

Sutherly credits The Veranda’s volunteer staff that has taken every step with her since 2012 when the organization began. The volunteers are all retired from their careers and have logged more 20,000 hours of time serving The Veranda families.

“Our volunteers have prayed daily that God would meet our needs since we began,” she said. “Without them, there wouldn’t be any Veranda or stories to share with readers.”

Sutherly said she wanted to write a book that helps families affected by dementia see that hope exists and understand that God still has a purpose for their lives. This book is for families who have loved ones living in communities and those who are taking care of loved ones at home.

“I hope to help others learn how to celebrate the blessings our seniors bring to our lives,” she said. “And I tip my hat to the caregivers—the ‘hidden heroes’—in families affected by dementia. The world may have no idea what they do, but our heavenly Father sees their labor of love—and He cares.

"I understand the challenges as they walk with their loved ones on a journey into the world of aging," she said. "I pray that these stories I share will encourage them not to give up."

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